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We are reshaping the communication experience

About us

As a tech and digital agency, we identify and conceive new ways to communicate digitally.

We define solutions fit for target groups and develop applications and tools that unlock new, compelling ways of storytelling. We merge digital and physical channels, thereby creating unprecedented communication experiences.

Our cases

There are game changers. And there are those who know that change is the game.

Mercedes me media

A new standard for live PR – the “Mercedes me media” platform broadcasts vehicle launches, shows and conferences live to the screens of journalists, bloggers and other interested parties worldwide.

HARMAN Connected Automotive

With the relaunch of car.harman.com, HARMAN establishes itself as a pioneer of automotive development.

AMG Biturbo | AR App

This is how contemporary exhibits work in the 21st century. The augmented reality app developed for the iPad Pro brings to life the engineering skill and power of modern Mercedes-AMG engines.

ZF Online – Relaunch

Mobile, responsive, user-centered: OSK Berlin structured ZF Friedrichshafen’s new global brand design makes it easier for the company to adapt it for digital applications.

Mercedes-Benz Influencer Roadtrips | Chatbot

A Facebook Messenger bot enables users to take part in the #japanexplorers and #explorewildtaiga influencer road trips planned and organized jointly by Mercedes-Benz and OSK.

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Our services

In Berlin-Mitte, we develop innovative, digital solutions and smart tools.

Our approach is comprehensive: From the big bang to small but effective tools – our solutions let companies, brands and people communicate in new and unconventional ways. We design and implement user-centered, data-driven products and services that enable our clients to reach and excite their target audiences – from interactive infographics and augmented reality applications, all the way to holistic multi-channel communication platforms.

Building digital ecosystems

Creating AR / VR experiences

Developing high-value tools and innovative product solutions

Expanding relevance and visibility (SEO)

Partnering digital transformation

Enabling integrated, digital PR communication

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Our customers

We help our clients communicate successfully in an increasingly complex world – with relevant topics, smart content and unforgettable live experiences.


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