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We operate as a digital factory in Berlin-Mitte to accompany our customers’ digital transformation.

About OSK Berlin

Operating in today’s digital world of work means not only being part of constant transition and dynamic change but shaping it, too.

Departments and people who used to be strictly separated in their work are transitioning to holistic, interdisciplinary working environments. This is particularly evident in our Berlin office, where we develop innovative solutions and create, design and implement content-rich, interaction-oriented journeys and experiences for people, companies and brands.

Our mission continuously drives us forward: We keep developing ourselves, setting new technological benchmarks, and are inquisitive and open to new ideas. Creativity, collaboration, trust and transparency are the basis for this. Only when all that comes together do great products happen. Our digital mindset and user-centered, hands-on mentality enable us to drive this transition and realize our customers’ visions.

360° Tour

Our Berlin office

Digital Pioneers since 2007

The nucleus of OSK Berlin is the digital agency Compuccino, which was acquired by OSK in 2014.

Founded in 2007 in Berlin-Mitte, Compuccino was one of the pioneers among the Berlin digital agencies. Groundbreaking solutions were created here, such as the first iPhone app for a German daily newspaper and intelligent platforms for content logistics. Clients of the first years included renowned German publishing houses, associations, political parties and political institutions.

An International Network

OSK. Seven locations on three continents.

Cologne, the home of OSK

Stuttgart, the Automotive City

Friedrichshafen, the tech hub on the banks of Lake Constance

New York, the city that never sleeps

San Jose, Silicon Valley, the region with its eyes on the future

Beijing, the megacity with 3000 years of history

OSK is active all over the world, with offices in Germany, the USA and China. On behalf of our customers, we have completed hundreds of international projects in more than 40 states since 1993.

Digital from head to toe.

For us, integrated, agile teams are the best solution for the challenges of a connected, dynamic world. We develop new ideas in constant dialogue – which is how we tackle every task with the ideal team.

A team can consist of three people sitting round the table, one studied history, another used to work at a cybersecurity startup and the third was trained as a pediatrician. It is exactly this diversity of backgrounds and skills that helps us to tackle and solve all the complex tasks and challenges posed by our digital, fast-paced age in the interests of our customers. It makes our results better and all the more interesting.

We are proud of what we do and achieve. And we know that everything we do is a team effort. From those with a general background and a broad appreciation of digital communications culture to AI specialists, we are united by one thing: We approach our challenges with an attitude of collaboration, respect and openness and we celebrate together what we achieve.


Are you interested in responsive methods and flexible, interdisciplinary teams?

If you are looking for a modern, digital working environment with a family feel in the heart of Berlin, you have come to the right place.