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Mercedes-Benz Chatbot

Case: Mercedes-Benz Influencer Roadtrips | Chatbot

Chatbot brings users along on the road trip

Breathtaking nature, fascinating cultures and centuries-old traditions – an interactive experience with a conversational interface. A Facebook Messenger bot enables users to take part in the #japanexplorers and #explorewildtaiga influencer road trips planned and organized jointly by Mercedes-Benz and OSK. The OSK Berlin digital unit created and developed the chatbot concept and provided advice and support throughout the project.

The brand-new format slotted seamlessly into a 360° campaign communicated across a broad spectrum of channels. Selected influencers spent several weeks in Finland and Japan equipped with a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. And those at home were able to feel part of it all as the intrepid teams explored the enormous diversity of these countries and captured unique moments. OSK Berlin acted as an adviser, mediating among the client, content production and programming.

Natural conversation, professional imagery and sophisticated logic

The bot, dubbed MB Travel Buddy, was given a characteristic style that reflects the relaxed feel of the influencer campaign. The personality displays emotions, makes jokes and interacts lightheartedly with the user. Over the course of a week, MB Travel Buddy checked in every day with news, focusing on those things the user asked about – just like a conversation between friends.

A dialogue procedure for approval, handover and quality assurance

The team developed and continuously optimized a procedure to reconcile the large quantity of high-quality content with the parameters of the Messenger platform. It helped to quickly disassemble various different content formats into small information units and set them into logical sequences, thus enabling an intuitive conversation flow.

The culmination of this process was a document that traces the possible routes through the dialogue between user and bot. Tree diagrams visualize detailed ramifications, if-then junctions and loops. Original Facebook templates for text messages, media and styled links close the gap between concept and final product still further: What you see is what you get.

These trees were used to implement and subsequently approve the bot. As the central interface among all those involved, the dialogue procedure ensured maximum transparency throughout the entire project.

Mercedes me media

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Mobile, responsive, user-centered: OSK Berlin structured ZF Friedrichshafen’s new global brand design makes it easier for the company to adapt it for digital applications.

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The creative process at OSK Berlin

We have developed a model for the creative process, which consists of an interplay between planning, conception, design and development handoff.

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