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Case: Mercedes me media

Bringing live events to the 21st century

OSK Berlin digitalizes PR events with Mercedes me media. The platform transports vehicle launches, trade fairs or conferences live to screens all over the world and provides ad hoc availability to live content and supplementary information. The accompanying app supports journalists on-location.

Mercedes me media is a modern digital platform with groundbreaking design, cutting-edge technology and seamless interaction. It is a home for all press information relating to Mercedes-Benz, containing not only group press releases, but also contributions from the automotive blogosphere. All data is available to users for download or to share on social networks. A basket function enhances its usefulness by enabling the gathering of information prior to subsequent use.

Revolutionary transmission technology

A central element of Mercedes me media is a multiangle player developed in-house that transmits vehicle launches using four synchronized camera images. Users can change the viewing angle, follow speeches via multilingual live script and use a screenshot function to capture high-definition images – all with zero load time.

“Mercedes-Benz beats Apple when it comes to live events – Mercedes me media is the new communication platform from the Stuttgart premium brand. The content machine makes full use of the opportunities of digitalization and eases the work of reporters, influencers and bloggers. It’s highly possible Apple can learn from this.”

Technology magazine “HORIZONT”

Built for mobile

Alongside the platform features, the Mercedes me media app offers facilities specifically for invited event participants on-location. It bundles together all information relating their stay and provides service like a virtual valet. From arrival and departure timings, to individual agendas, press material, vehicles, test routes and useful information on the event location.

Overwhelming success of Mercedes me media

The feedback for the premiere of Mercedes me media at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show was unanimous, from both the target audience and the communications media: The platform takes Live PR into a whole new dimension. The Mercedes-Benz and Smart presence at the Frankfurt show was the most successful in the media competition among the car brands, as shown by media analysis. The outstanding results in the “online” and “earned social media” channels are also due in particular to the new platform.

International German PR Prize 2018 in “Corporate Media” category

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We have developed a model for the creative process, which consists of an interplay between planning, conception, design and development handoff.

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