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Case: Veterinarians Without Borders (VSF) Germany

Love Humans. Love Animals. (Liebe Menschen. Liebe Tiere.)

For the non-governmental organization (NGO) Veterinarians Without Borders (VSF) Germany we developed a new communications strategy. Based on this, we helped the organization to underline its emotional messages with a distinctive branding by transferring the newly created positioning into appealing design elements that stand out in the direct environment.

Special attention is paid to the new Core Story. With “Love People. Love Animals.” VSF Germany shapes the new corporate positioning in a strong, emotional way. By acting with heart, commitment and passion on the ground – in the Horn of Africa – VSF Germany’s work benefits human and animal health by empowering people in their communities to live healthy, self-determined lives on their own and to protect them.


The resulting “band” from this positioning, we have taken as an occasion letting it flow into the visual design. The so-called “love band” connects elements with each other and sets them in harmony. The color world reflects the diversity on site and is based on the diverse colors of clothes, animals and environment, whilst a new hand-drawn style for iconography picks up the visual characteristics of the love band.


Health and thus an interdependence between humans, animals and the environment has always been an important part of VSF Germany’s work. We took this as the most important indicator for the design of the new logo, which shows human and animal in harmony, or metaphorically means “humans always have animals in mind and care”. The overall design is concludes with modern typography and shows its diverse face in the design examples and look & feels*.

*In the project, the design looks and feels served as moods for the overall effect of the branding and as ways of dealing with these elements. These were not implemented.

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