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ZF Online – Relaunch

Case: ZF Online

Complete digital package for a global innovator

We created a forward-looking website for technology group ZF Friedrichshafen. The group’s position as a global technology leader is underscored by the strategic concept behind the website’s reorientation and its fresh design, which is highly distinctive and recognizable and works across all devices and markets.

The group’s international website was renewed from the ground up – from its concept to its design and implementation. The focus of the project was on a modern, responsive design and sustainable execution that enables targeted and variable content logistics.

The result is that ZF is now able to choose from a wide palette of content modules and position them flexibly within a grid. It facilitates an attractive arrangement of different types of content such as images, text and video. Existing components such as website headers and footers, a search and filter function as well as the navigation system were carried over into the new interaction principle and produced in HTML, JS and CSS. Website functionality is expanded through dedicated applications like the ZF product finder and an event calendar.

ZF Online – Relaunch

ZF can use the flexible content modules to create content quickly and combine it in a variety of different ways. By providing ongoing content and technology support, we are helping ZF to maximize its digital potential, make optimum use of the available tools and provide users with relevant information.

The structure and function of the market and country pages are now embedded into the global website and have been reoriented across the board. In workshops with ZF, OSK Berlin developed the role of the individual country pages and defined digital content appropriate to that role. The resulting editorial guidelines assist editors worldwide to bring the ZF corporate identity into their countries and thus generate a consistent global experience.

ZF Press Site

The ZF press site which provides journalists with the best possible support for their research now also sports the new look and redesigned user menus. Wide-ranging filter options and focused presentation of press content facilitate targeted workflow with maximum yield. The flexibility of the new ZF design is also used to full extent here, as the content modules made it possible to structure the press site specifically for journalists’ needs.

VISION Magazine

The VISION online magazine draws in readers with engaging stories, interesting background information and first-class content. ZF uses attractive videos, image galleries and text/image modules to participate in the debate centered on the future of mobility and the way we live together. The focus of the magazine is on powerful visuals and enjoyable reading. Extensive filters and keyword searches help readers find content and topics that are an exact match for their interests.

Mercedes me media

A new standard for live PR – the “Mercedes me media” platform broadcasts vehicle launches, shows and conferences live to the screens of journalists, bloggers and other interested parties worldwide.

HARMAN Connected Automotive

With the relaunch of car.harman.com, HARMAN establishes itself as a pioneer of automotive development.

AMG TORQUE CONTROL – Touch Anwendung

Für die Mercedes-AMG GmbH haben wir eine animierte Touchanwendung der Kraftverteilung eines innovativen Hinterachsgetriebes erstellt.

Mercedes-Benz Influencer Roadtrips | Chatbot

A Facebook Messenger bot enables users to take part in the #japanexplorers and #explorewildtaiga influencer road trips planned and organized jointly by Mercedes-Benz and OSK.

The creative process at OSK Berlin

We have developed a model for the creative process, which consists of an interplay between planning, conception, design and development handoff.

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We operate as a digital factory in Berlin-Mitte to accompany our customers’ digital transformation – both with straightforward products and with new technological developments.

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