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Creative Process

The creative process at OSK Berlin

The Creative Studio

We help companies, brands and people to identify their potential with comprehensive creative solutions.

We create, design and implement the user-centered products and services that help our customers and partners leverage this potential. The entire customer experience is created by OSK Berlin from a single source.

For this process, we have developed a creative model, which consists of an interplay between planning, concept, design and development handoff and can also be used in our workshops.

Creation united

The model is the visualization of our workflow and enables the participants to understand user needs and to take adequate measures. It was developed to unite and visualize creative workflows and processes that take place in different areas.

Four Phases

Flowing transition, agile methods

Our workflow is divided into four phases. These are Discover, Define, Develop & Deliver. Before they begin, there is a project setup in which the briefing is evaluated, the team staffing is defined and a kickoff is performed.

Phase 1: Discover

In phase one, the focus is on getting to know the customer, the target groups and developing a basic understanding of the task. In addition, short-term and long-term goals are outlined for all project participants.

Phase 2: Define

In this phase requirements and goal definitions are specified. Through evaluation, first ideas are outlined, prioritized and structured. Then a creative brief is formulated and handed off to the design team.

Phase 3: Develop

In this phase strategy and concept are transferred into interfaces. In the first part of this phase, we iteratively develop the “look and feel” of our projects. Then, all other components, modules and assets are designed. After prototype and test phases, all UI components and UX patterns are completed in a summary kit.

Phase 4: Deliver

Until the project is live, development is accompanied by design and supported by quality management and asset production. The developed design system is documented and transferred to all touchpoints.

One goal in mind

Design is an integral part in the development of innovative products and has the goal of solving problems. Reliable methods like Lean UX and User Centered Design help to better understand “whys and wherefores” and to design efficient solutions for a positive User & Customer Experience.

Understanding the task

Through targeted questioning, factors relevant to the business can be better identified and understood. We conduct market research and analysis to strategically position the brand, its users and potential competitors. With these insights we can develop new ideas that bring our customers’ services and products forward and into the future.

Flexible setup

The toolset depends on the requirements of the respective project. We use tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure, Invision (Studio), Zeplin, Adobe CC, Marvel, Principle, as well as some useful plugins.

Prototypical testing

In order to test the design and its function, we develop iterative, interactive prototypes and coordinate different evaluation levels in the team. Fast and easy. User research interviews and usability tests can be utilized to get valid results and to improve the experience to meet users’ individual needs.

Neatly documented

After each design project, we put together all the designed basics, modules and manuals upon request. Optionally, all forms of guidelines are possible, from the reduced PDF document to the detailed Brand Portal.


Responsible handling of groundbreaking ideas

Our creative process is based on the Double Diamond of the British Design Council, IDEO’s Human Centered Design Ideology, as well as Dan Nessler’s ideas on the development of the process.


For further questions regarding our creative process or different types of collaboration you can contact our Creative Studio directly.

Marcial Ronniger Creative Director / Team Lead Creation
Jakob Schott Senior UX Concept Designer / Team Lead Creation