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About OSK Berlin

We are a technology and digital agency that finds and discovers new ways of digital communication.

We conceive solutions to suit specific target groups, and develop applications and tools that open up exciting new approaches to storytelling. We fuse digital and physical channels to create innovative communication experiences. 

Conveying brands and products in a digital setting

We use innovative digital solutions to transform your event into an experience 

A successful event is a well-organized multimedia experience. We put your event on the digital stage, assist your guests with mobile solutions and offer interactive and digital applications.

Live Streaming Concert

OSK Stager / livestreams in a new dimension

Do you want your target groups to be with you live at important events – without having to travel across continents and time zones?

Webinar solutions from OSK Berlin

Overcome the digital divide

OSK Mobilizer / much more than just a digital agenda

Provide your guests with a mobile companion app that gives them quick and easy access to relevant information and additional content!

OSK Touch / hands-on information

Our software for interactive multi-touch applications

Go online with your event

Do you have to cancel your planned event? Too bad – but not that bad. It can also take place digitally.

Comprehensive strategies and optimum user Experiences

Your target group understands you instinctively – with the right strategy and the most appropriate digital touchpoints.

Know your audience! To build a long-term and sustainable relationship with your target groups, you must understand them and they you. We help you develop the right strategy to achieve that and make sure you have an effective online presence.

OSK PACE / strategic consulting

Strategy as a springboard for successful communication

OSK MOVE / UX & UI consulting

Your brand must keep moving. This is achieved with a user experience that is individually tailored to these users.

The creative process at OSK Berlin

We have developed a process model which lays out a project-dependent interaction of planning, concept, design and development, enabling us to set the right creative impulses.

Websites that offer more

We make your website a showcase.

You present your company or product on your website in the way you want it to be perceived. We make sure the technological environment for that is state-of-the-art, that you can be found and that it has an attractive design – be it a kit solution or tailormade to your individual needs.

OSK Baumeister / an individual homepage from our construction kit

The OSK Baumeister is suitable for the creation of microsites, landing pages, campaign pages and corporate websites.

kiOSK Tracker / track your performance metrics

Use your user data effectively and generate the right insights for your business

UX due diligence / a uniform method for evaluating digital user experiences

How an improved user experience can put your website on the road to success

Drupal 7 becomes Drupal 8

We won’t leave you out in the rain – update now!

Next-generation technology

Digital technologies take your target group on an adventure – wherever you want to go.

Spectacular technology sticks in the mind most when you see it for the first time. We create virtual worlds and fuse them creatively with analogue reality, make targeted use of artificial intelligence and make possible what previously seemed implausible.

OSK AR / better than reality

Our OSK.AR augmented reality software paves the way for the next level of immersive multimedia experiences. Object animations, exploded views and workflow diagrams become a 360-degree experience.

OSK VRoom / more reach with a virtual showroom

OSK VRoom transports the ambience of your rooms to the far ends of the world, signals openness and transparency and attracts the attention of your target group.

OSK BOTschaft / a bot for all cases

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