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Our Mission

Bringing Live events to the 21st century

Do you want your target groups to be there live at important events – without traveling, across continents and time zones?

With the OSK Stager, your audience is always in the front row. This live streaming player offers numerous intelligent functions: the user can change perspectives, share content or purchase products in real time thanks to eCommerce integration. The result: a new dimension of digital live communication and innovative sales potential for you!

Use Cases
Streaming Unlimited


World Premiere




Congresses, Seminars & Trade shows

Overview of our Product

Our Solution: OSK Stager

With OSK Stager we create a consistent and high quality digital live experience that is available at all times. The streaming software is the most advanced multi-angle solution on the market and it can be customized entirely to your need and wishes.

You get a flexible, complementary platform where your audience worldwide come together to follow your event with a “front row” experience – even from their very individual, favorite perspective.
OSK Stager is the right livestream player for your concerts, world premieres, (e) sports events, award ceremonies, conferences and much more. Product presentations are not only perfectly staged with this professional live streaming software. By integrating eCommerce functionalities, viewers can also purchase the products shown directly.

Key Benefits

User Experience
  • Multi-Angle-Streaming
    Multi-angle streaming turns the viewer into a director. With the player, he can switch back and forth between the camera perspectives – without any delay and buffering. This is a unique selling point of OSK Stager in the entire market.

  • Best quality no matter the device
    Smartphone, tablet and PC: OSK Stager adapts quickly and offers the best possible quality on any device.

  • Countdown
    A countdown function is available for each stream, for more attention and tension build-up before going live – a user-friendly standard function that is managed directly via the CMS.

  • Branding & Sponsoring
    Providers can flexibly supplement each live stream with individual brandings.

  • HD-Screenshots
    Users can take print quality screenshots from the livestream.

  • Additional Content
    Users can read the protagonists’ speech scripts in real time and share quotes directly on social networks. In addition, OSK Stager can be integrated into third-party systems, such as SSO or ticketing services. Special engagement features such as event information, a social wall, links to merchandise or presentations form the perfect content package to accompany any event.

  • Video on Demand
    Recordings of the streams are available on request and can be used at any time with the entire range of functions. The Media Library is delivered with a scalable CMS system with which live streams can be created in no time at all.
  • Multiview-Engine
  • No buffering despite different perspectives
  • Adaptive, responsive web-based streaming
  • HD screenshots from the stream and synchronous tracklist, Statistics or live Ticker
  • VOD with improved content
  • Highly available, independent and globally scalable infrastructure
  • Own end-to-end solution, complete control over the video (encoding, decoding, content delivery)
  • Flexible and modular solution, Restream possible e.g. on Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Select what you like best
Our player puts every participant in the situation of a director: For the first time it is possible to switch between different camera perspectives during live broadcasts, without loading times and delays.
Give more room to your Brand and your Sponsors
Parallel to the high-resolution video signal, participants can generate print-like screenshots, which can also be branded with your sponsors, and share them directly via the social networks.
Get more interaction & engagement
Our tool offers a wide range of interactive options: advertising, dashboards, stats or live tickers, chat or comment functions.
Activate your audience
Our player can be embedded on any platform or integrated with advanced functions such as editorial content (blog / magazine, further events) or a shop (music, merchandising, other tickets, etc.)
OSK Stager in Action

OSK Stager is at the heart of the Mercedes me media platform

Be there live at important press announcements – without travel expenses. Take pictures at home, as if you were there. Post original quotes directly. View a press event from different perspectives. Impossible? Not for us. At the IAA 2017, Mercedes presented the new benchmark for digital live PR: “Mercedes me media”. Journalists, bloggers and other multipliers, who could not be present at the IAA in Frankfurt, experienced the brand’s press conferences as a consistently digitized live experience – on their PC, tablet or smartphone and completely independent of their location.

“As regards live events, Mercedes-Benz comes out on top, ahead of Apple – the new communication platform of the premium car maker is called Mercedes me media. Making full use of the options afforded by digitization, it is a content machine that makes working life easier for journalists, influencers and bloggers. If it looks over its shoulder, Apple may well be able to learn a trick or two.”

(Trade journal „Horizont“ about the online plattform Mercedes me media)
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Rafael Bolte General Manager
Gregor Schermuly General Manager
Alexander Sempf Head of Operations
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