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Bridge the digital divide

Tired of looking for multiple webinar solutions from multiple providers? Want a one-stop-shop to just handle it? You’ve come to the right place.

Leverage the strengths of a digital approach, create digital spaces and let virtual content professionals take on all the tasks you would prefer to avoid, so you can concentrate on what you do best. Whatever your challenge with webinars, collaborative events, live online participation, ease of access and communication or digital proximity through interactive tools, we take on the burden for you.


Sidestep global challenges!

When real events are too risky, too expensive or otherwise impossible under current circumstances or when travel is restricted, give your business the flexibility it needs to handle events entirely online while reducing the environmental impact of your activities. Since physical events can be unpredictable and often unsafe, join the growing trend toward the “Phygital.” Or, if you are unsure if you can host a real event, work out digital alternatives as a preventative measure—you may find the virtual version to be more profitable.


Setbacks are opportunities!

Learn about the opportunities and strengths of digital events and formats, including

  • Remaining agile by conducting events from anywhere and at any time.
  • Allowing each participant to sit in “the front row.”
  • Saving money, time and the environment by avoiding travel.
  • Offering individual user experiences.
  • Scaling to reach more participants.
  • Providing interactivity to everyone.


Tackle your virtual events

Whatever the digital event, there are solutions to cover all your interactive needs. Here are a few types, to give you an idea:


Press conference, management and employee event

Tradeshows & Congresses

seminars, conferences, summit

Product presentations

sales scenarios, sales events


Interactive styling sessions, "tryout" sessions


online teaching, university lectures, continuing education

Public & Government

townhall meetings, panel discussions & community meetings

Our Service

Outsource the Process and content.

Allow us to handle the technical and content side of your event to free up your time.

  • Receive a digital platform for your interactive event with all the bells and whistles, no matter the format or size.
  • Conduct a seamless live experience without stress or worry.
  • Enable participation of your guests, live, interactive and uncomplicated.
  • Have a landing page built for your event based on a customizable CMS, OSK Baumeister.
  • Allow us to produce high-quality content for you as necessary.
  • Let us build your infrastructure and provide the necessary equipment, including at your location.
  • Receive guidance from professionals before and after your digital event.


With a streamlined process, you save time and money.


Make your participants feel welcome. Whether through personalized invitation, online registration or publicly access, give your participants the invitations, reminders and personalized access data to build the audience you need, conveniently through e-mail, newsletter, website or otherwise.


Your participants can easily follow the link in the email to conveniently login to the landing page and enjoy the event live, while receiving the additional content you wish to provide.


Allow your participants to ask questions through the Q&A module, participate actively via the chat function and take part in surveys. You can present and directly discuss the answers and results in the stream, all live.


Your participants can receive additional information via e-mail or on the website after the event. If they didn’t have time to participate or missed the event, they gain access to the recording.


Open source and embedded tools simplify everything.

With a combination of tools and services, here are some of the benefits you’ll gain:

  • Access an individualized web conference/RTC based on the open-source tool “Jitsi.”
  • Stream footage via “Vimeo Premium.”
  • Provide entry to your individually designed landing page through the modules of our own Baumeister CMS (Drupal 9).
  • Embed the player on your own website or anywhere you want to spread the event.
  • Easily manage the registration process with the open-source marketing automation tool “Mautic.”
  • Thanks to this combination of tools, implementing is fast, easy and efficient. We take care of it for you.

Key Benefits

How you and your participants benefit…

With an easy user experience, scalability and high-quality services, you’ll execute your digital event without a hitch.

User Experience
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Participation possible from anywhere
  • Many options for participation and interaction
  • Flexibility through optimization for mobile devices
  • Any number of participants can join, from small to large
  • Public or private events with different access options
  • Extensive options for automation and evaluation of processes throughout your campaign / event
  • A stand-alone landing page or one integrated into your company’s web page
  • “Live event only” or extensive ecosystem with additional content and possibilities (link to your-digital-event.com)
  • Sustainable infrastructure that doesn’t disappear. Once built, you can always reuse your infrastructure for additional events, webinars, panels, etc
  • Individualized solutions for your live digital communication, all from a single source
  • Easy management of the registration process
  • Landing page with content management system tailored to your specific needs
  • Advice and support for your entire project
  • Creation of content and design of marketing steps to take

Ready to get started?

Whether you need help right away or you just want to learn more, let us know. Still new to the topic? We’ll put you in contact with an expert digital event planner or content producer so you can plan and think critically about your virtual events.

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Gregor Schermuly General Manager
Alexander Sempf Head of Operations
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